John and Candy have just graduated from University but they have no job. As bills pile up, they cannot keep paying their old tiny studio, so they will soon be edicted, but one day John recieves an e-mail from a mysterious company, with a job offer too good to be true...

Guide John through this yourney across a desset island full of mysteries and questions that claim for an answer.

(This was my first complete videogame ever. I made all the: art, code, music, writting & testing. It's been in the drawer forever, and I considerit very personal, but it is a pitty that no one can see it so I want to share it for free with you guys, It is not a professional game but hopefully can entertain you for a couple minutes. If at least one person gets to enjoy this little adventure it would have been worth it so if you liked it please let me know :)


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This game is really amazing ^_^

your game made me want to create one too, but more simple ^_^

Maybe can you help me? :D

I already did a version in flash, but didn't like

Thank's and sorry for the incovenience.

Hi Gracen,

I am so glad you liked it!

Did you manage to finish it?

Of course I would love to help you with anything I can. :)

Hi ^_^

It's almost finished :)

Do you have any e-mail? So I can share my game (what I Tried to do) and show my doubts there, I believe is most easy :)

Thank you again.